How do we point the GoldMine application server to the new SQL Server once we move the GoldMine database to the new SQL Server?

Version 1


    - As the old SQL Server was decommissioned, the GoldMine database(s) were moved to a new SQL Server. - How do we point the GoldMine system to the GoldMine database on the new SQL Server?


    - Users need be logged of GoldMine and all GoldMine related services need to be shut down, For Example. GoldSync etc. 
    - It is highly recommended that the procedure below is carried out in an after hours or scheduled system maintenance period.
    - Due to the manual change of the HOST information GoldMine will require to enter the SQL credentials on the first attempt to log in with the new HOST information 

    1. Find the dbalias.ini file on the GoldMine Application Server this file is located in the GoldMine Share of the GoldMine Application Server.  The default/typical location of this file is C:\Programdata\GoldMine on the GoldMine Application Server.
    2. Under each Alias section i.e. [Alias1], [Alias2].... there is an entry: HOST=\\serverName\SQLInstance Name OR HOST=\\servername
    3. Backup the dbalias.ini file.
    4. On the original file update the HOST= to point to the new servername and/or servername\SQLInstanceName
    5. Save the file.
    6. Verify that GoldMine launches and is connecting to the new SQL Server. 

    To ensure that the new SQL Server is being used it is best to either stop the SQL Services on the original SQL Server or power down the original SQL Server.  However, when stopping the services or powering down the original Server it is best that all users are not connected to any SQL function or otherwise on the original SQL server.

    For further detailed information regarding the dbalias.ini file please see Knowledge Article 13314.