Configuring a Watch List

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    You may want to allow users to store frequently-used business objects in a watch list for quick access, similar to saving bookmarks or favorites. The watch list appears as a button on your top tab bar, and you can add objects to it. The watch list automatically lists your most recently accessed business objects or you can Pin items there using the quick action "Pin It" - please, see below for details instructions. 



    Configuring a Watch List

    Administrators must first enable the watch list feature before other users can use it.

    If a relationship between the business object and MyShelfItem does not exist, then you must create one (Please, see Knowledge Article #17038, if needed). After creating the relationship, continue to configure the watch list by doing the following:

    1. From the Configuration Console, click Build > Automation Tools > Watch Lists to open the Watch Lists workspace. The watch list appears, sorted by business object.
    2. Click Add New....

    3. Select a business object from the Business Object drop-down list.
    4. In the Object Presentation field, enter the configuration expression. For example, enter $((("Change " + ChangeNumber) + ": ") + Subject).

    5. Click Save. The new business object appears in the Watch Lists workspace.

    Now - we need to add the "Pin It" action to the layout of the  business object just created above. 

    6. Click Build > Business Objects to open the Business Objects workspace.
    7. Select a business object.
    8. Click the Layouts tab. The Layouts page appears.
    9. Click a layout . The Layout Editor appears.
    10. You can view your object in list view or form view. For this example, click gridView. The list view editor appears. 

      If Pin It does not appear in the toolbar area, you can add it. 

    11. On the right side of the window, click Edit. The Toolbar Editor appears.
    12. Click Edit  next to the Pin It button. The toolbar button editor appears.
    13. Enter the options under the General tab.
    14. Click Save. The window closes.
    15. Click Save again. The toolbar editor closes. Pin It appears in the toolbar area.
    16. Click the save icon  from the toolbar. HEAT adds the watch list to the toolbar.