GoldMine Alert Messaging Redirecting to GoldMine Web

Version 1


    When using Alert Messaging in GoldMine, clicking on the link/url takes me to a GoldMine Web login screen.


    1 - The intended functionality is for the GoldMine Alert Messaging to  a. Clicking the link when a user is logged into GoldMine Mobile or GoldMine Web opens the activity.  OR  b. If the user is not logged in, the GoldMine Web login screen opens. Users can log into GoldMine Web or click the Mobile site link to login to GoldMine Mobile to access the activity.  2 - If the calendar is published to some other location such as a company website or other published calendar then the link can be update by a user with MASTER rights  under Tools >> Configure >> GoldMine Connect >>  "URL for link in GoldMine Messaging Service activity notifications:"