HEAT Discovery - How to Test Netscanner without sending the resulting data into HEATSM.

Version 1


    This article describes how to create a copy of Netscanner for testing purposes.


    -Create a copy of the entire Netscanner Folder in another location (In this example I am using C:\Temp)

    -create the folder C:\Temp\Netscanner, also create a subfolder for output files C:\Temp\Netscanner\Outbox
    -copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\HEAT Software\SaaSIMClient\ClientAgent\Netscanner" C:\Temp\Netscanner

    -Edit NetScan.xml to update the output path
    -Change <OutputPath>C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\FRS\SaasIMClient\ClientMsgSender\Outbox\LanProbe.XML</OutputPath>   to <OutputPath>C:\Temp\Netscanner\Outbox\LanProbe.XML</OutputPath>

    -Edit the Subnet needing scanned if necessary using CIDR notation (If attempting to test a single endpoint such as, use

    -Open a Command prompt with  Administrator rights

    -Change directory: cd C:\Temp\Netscanner

    -Run Netscanner (no switches are needed): Netscanner.exe

    -Wait for it to complete and return to the Command line

    -Send to support if requested and/or use your favorite text editor to view the output file in C:\Temp\Netscanner\Outbox.  If you have multiple subnets being scanned you'll find a separate output file for each subnet.