HEAT Discovery - How does Netscan identify a device?

Version 1



    The help file refers to Lanprobe method and Client methods for how HEAT Discovery locates information to see if a record is a duplicate or not.  How does this process work for Netscan Discovered devices.



    Netscan sends in the same type of message as LANProbe and they are processed using the same logic to Identify CIs that are already known.  This will be updated in a future version of the help files.

    For devices returned by a LANProbe message, the system uses the following criteria to match the data to an existing configuration item:

    If a host name is found, search for existing configuration items using the host name.
    If the host name is empty but a MAC address is available, attempt to match the configuration item based on the MAC address.
    If all other matches fail, the IP address is matched.