IPCM Password Reset Configuration Tool gets an insufficient rights error when trying to load.

Version 1


    Resolving rights issue for IPCM Password Reset Configuration tool.


    Error message comes up when opening the IPCM Password Reset Configuration Tool:

    Cannot open registry key " MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FrontRange Solutions\Cotact Center\Reset Password". Check if you have sufficient permissions. Error: Access is denied 

    Follow these steps to resolve.

    1) Go to Start - > Run.
    2) Type regedit and hit enter.
    3) Open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FrontRange Solutions\Contact Center\Reset Password.
    4) Right click on the key Reset Password and select permissions.
    5) Add the account that will be used for the reset password tool and give full rights to that key (if you're not logged in as that account you'll need to logout and login as that account or give rights to the account that will be used AND the account you're logged into temporarily).
    6) The error unable to open key: Insufficient permissions will no longer be seen when launching the Password Reset Configuration Tool and it can be configured as desired. (Automatically Closed) (Automatically Closed)