How to dynamically change a GoldMine field label or data Color

Version 1


    Field Label and Field Value custom colors offers Master-Rights users the ability to specify field labels or colors manually, or to have GoldMine automatically display a different field label or value by evaluating an xBase expression or based on the value of a an existing field.  Custom colors are applied globally.  For example, system-wide (not Contact Set dependent). 

    This functionality also allows a GoldMine administrator to 'hide' field labels or values by specifying a specific field color value as -2. 


    To configure

    - Right click on any Contact1\Contact2 field and select properties
    - Click the Color tab
    In the Label color section; Click the colors button and select your label color
    Note: Once you select your color, the expression window show you the numeric value of that color.  This is helpful when using xBase expressions to change the label or data color.

    To dynamically change the label based on another field you need to use an xBase expression
    - Click the Expression radial button
    - In the expression window type in your xBase expression

    For Example. -
    The below expression will make the Contact1->Company field label RED if the company field label is not populated.

    IIf(Empty(CONTACT1->company), 255, -1)

    255 is the color for red and -1 sets the label to its default color.

    The same process can be used in the Data Color section to change the Field data color

    If you wish to hide a field label or Field data you can use the value -2 in the expression

    For Example -
    If Key1 has the EU Prospect value in it, then this expression tells GoldMine to hide the Field label.  Once the Key1 field is blank, or contains any other value, GoldMine will apply its defaults.

    IIf(CONTACT1->key1="EU Prospect", -2, -1)

    This same expression can be used in the Data Color section to change the Field data color