How to eliminate or move records that have not been contacted within the last year?

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    There are many contacts that have not been contacted in some time and you really do not want those records in your database anymore.  How can you either delete the records that have not been contacted in over one year, or move those records to a different database for inactive records?


    NOTE: Prior to implementing any of the two solutions below, it is CRITICAL that fresh SQL backups are made of the GoldMine database(s).

    Create a filter that show records that have not been contacted since the desired date and meet your other restricting criteria (such as account type KEY1 is "Prospect".  NOTE the field for the last contact is LASTCONTON  and the date needs to be in the following format YYYY-MM-DD and should be "less than or equal to"

    Then use one of the two options below to select the contacts:
    A. Use the record deletion wizard to delete the records in the filter.
    B. Create a Contact Set only database for "Old Prospects" and use the copy/move wizard to "move" the records to that new contact set database for "Old Prospects".

    NOTE: To learn more, please reference the documentation for your particular version of GoldMine regarding the following subjects or search GoldMine help:
    - Create Filter
    - Deletion Wizard
    - Copy/move records
    - Database wizard > to create databases