How to configure the 'Schedule' form control

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    I am attempting to create a new business object (similar to Change Window) that uses the 'Schedule' form control.
    Regardless of how I configure the schedule properties on the form, whenever I attempt to create a new schedule from within HEAT, the control errors out stating that fields are required.
    I have created relationship to ScheduleEntry
    I have created field ScheduleRecurrenceType

    Please advise how to configure the schedule control so that its creates a new schedule in ScheduleEntry object (from new BO) as expected.




    You have to add the Schedule Control on a child panel in the layout, even if it is on the same object. The Out of the Box object 'Change Window' is set up in this fashion.

    This appears to be related to the way relationships with group objects work; normally you’d have to define a field that controls which group object (for example CI Type), but that’s handled within the Schedule control when you pick Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. It still seems to have to abide by the same rules as any relationship to a group object.