How do you find the RecID on a specific Service Requests for use in XSLT?

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    When building the XML for a ServiceReq, the SvcReqTmplLink and SvcSubscLink_RecID fields need to be filled out, how do you find that information?


    A SQL query is the best way to pull the information. 

    The 'Export to Excel' quickaction can also be used to pull the desired information.

    Based on the example:

    <xsl:variable name="email" select="substring-after($Body,'Email$')"/>

    <!-- Fill in the necessary fields and related business objects for a domain password reset -->


    <Field Name="SvcReqTmplLinkType="System.String">Domain Password Reset</Field>

    <!-- Replace this subscription RecID with the valid one for your system: -->

    <Field Name="SvcReqSubscLink_RecID"Type="System.String">BDF2D75B420C438E9468BC613E6AB369</Field>


    select ST.Name as [Template Name], SS.Recid as [Subscription RecID] from ServiceReqTemplate ST
    inner join ServiceReqSubscription SS on ST.Recid = SS.SvcReqTmplLink_RecID
    order by name

    Export to Excel:

    TemplateLink is kicking back the RecID, which should still work, but the examples are pushing the resolved value, which is the name of the offering, like what you see with the SQL query.