How to ensure a user does not receive an Incident Survey more than once every 14 days  - POST MCT.

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    How to ensure a user does not receive an Incident Survey more than once every 14 days  - POST MCT.

    In addition to the standard frequency of Surveys sent for Closed Incidents, you may wish to configure the system so that once a user receives a Survey, the system will wait at least 14 days (for example... this time is configurable) before that particular user is sent another Survey. This can be desirable when certain users submit a high volume or proportion of Incidents.




    1. Go to the BO Frs_CompositeContract_Contact and create two fields:
    a. Date field – SurveyNextSentOn
    b. Boolean – SurveyCanSend
    Note: The Employee BO will now contain these derived fields from Composite Contract Contact.
    2. Add these fields to the form in the Employee record, typically Profile.Employee.
    3. Go to the BO Incident and create the exact same two fields with the same names.
    4. Go to the Frs_CompisiteContract_Contact BO and click Quick Actions.
    5. Click Create New Actions | Update Object | Name: Update Survey Next Send On Date
    Note: A 14 day timeout would have 1209600 seconds. Adjust as necessary for your desired rule.
    6. Field Name: SurveyNextSentOn | Function: $(AddWorkingSeconds("24 x 7",  1209600))
    7. Go to the Incident BO and click Business Rules
    8. Locate the Before-save Rules and click Add Before-save Rule
    Field Name: SurveyCanSend
    Name: Can the Survey Send
    9. Locate the Editing and Calculation Rules and click Add Editing rule
    10. On change of ProfileLink(Customer)  Set: SurveyNextSentOn Name: Date Survey Can Send
    Expression: $([OtherObject]SurveyNextSentOn)
    11. Click Workflows
    12. Locate and edit the workflow for Incident Survey
    13. Update the Configuration trigger to include SurveyCanSend = True
    14. Add a Run for Child block after Start before the Notification.
    15. Publish your new Workflow and test.