Escalation Engine and Email Engine - Services are stuck in 'starting' mode, but will not actually start.

Version 1


    There are two services on the server that are in the "Starting" mode but will not proceed to the running mode. The two services are HEAT Software Escalation Engine and HEAT Software Email Engine. 

    Reviewing the Event Viewer for the server and there are a lot of errors in there that refer to the log file. Below is one example, there are other variations of the same message. 

    "ConsumeOneLogFile: IOException, file=C:\Logs\WFService.frslog.10, exception: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."




    Issue occurred after an update of OS related MS Hotfixes and Patches the starting up of the services broke.

    1. Check HEATCentralConfigAppPool if it has stopped if so changed the account from ApplicationPoolIdentity to LocalService account. 

    2. Restart HEATCentralConfigAppPool then ran through the system configuration wizard which all the services. 

    3.  Go through system configuration wizard and test DB access with SQL authentication. Services will automatically restart after finishing the system configuration wizard.