What are the best practices and options to delete a user from GoldMine?

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    This article defines what options are available when deleting a user and some common scenarios that relate to deleting a user.


    - Regardless of which option is selected when deleting a user all of the user's document templates, email templates, filters, and groups, automated processes etc. are not deleted permanently.  These data exist still in the database but are not available any,more from the front end as the user cannot be selected anymore from the user list.

    -  Deleting a user will NOT update any field entries like OWNER or Account Manager (many times a KEYx field), if applicable and necessary Ownership changes or global replace actions need to be performed in order to update also such kind of information.
    - It would still then be possible to filter on this field so that a new or different user could be assigned as the account manager of records that belonged to a deleted user.  Please also see Knowledge Article 19717 - Want to know how to change a value such as the company name for a group/filter of contacts en masse  (In this case however instead of changing company name you would be changing KEY4 “Account Manager”).

    1. There is not an option to change the login of a user, only the user full name.
    2. Create new user with desired username, login, properties, etc.
    3. If necessary clone the old user's templates, filters, groups to the new user as they will not be available from the GoldMine user interface for other user's as noted above.
    4. In Users' Settings, highlight the user that is being deleted > Delete.
    5. In the Delete GoldMine User dialogue select the option "Reassign the user's pending activities and unfiled e-mails to" XXX username selected from dropdown menu > OK
    6. The process monitor will launch and will stop when the operation is complete and can take just a moment or several minutes depending how many items are being moved from the old user to the new user.

    - Another use for the above selection is that existing user Y is taking over the pending activities and unfiled e-mails for user X or a completely new user is taking over the pending activities and unfiled e-mails for user X.
    - The other options in the Delete GoldMine User dialogue are:

    - Complete the user's pending activities and unfiled e-mail, using the following result code: **YYY dropdown selection** (This is often used for an employee no longer with the company and another GoldMine user will not be taking the old user's pending activities and unfiled e-mails.)

    - Leave the user's activities and e-mail as is (This is often used when an employee leaves the company but the company wishes to have a record of pending activities and unfiled e-mails and those items will not be reassigned.  ****This is also used in special circumstances where the user account is corrupted but please discuss with a GoldMine Solutions Partner or the GoldMine support desk when working with a corrupted user profile).

    - Delete the user's pending activities and unfiled e-mails (This is used when an employee leaves the company, items will not be reassigned and there is no need to keep a record of open items).

    DELETE "Extra" User:
    1.  Log the "Extra" user out of GoldMine.
    2. Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.
    3. Click Tools > Users Settings 
    4. Highlight the user whom you wish to delete > Click "Delete" button.
    5. When presented with the "Delete GoldMine User" dialogue box, choose the option "Reassign the user's pending activities and unfiled e-mail to User Name: XXX  (The user whom you wish any outstanding items to move to) > OK.