How can you change the Organization on out going Emails?

Version 1


    - In the header portion of a sent Email there is an Organization value

    - How can you change the Organization value to a different value on out going Emails?



    There are two areas of GoldMine where this Organization value is set.

    The Registration section.

    1. Log into GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights. 
    2. Click Help > Update GoldMine.
    3. In the GoldMine Net-Update dialogue window check the option Update registration information.

    4. Click the Registration tab in the GoldMine Net-Update dialogue window.

    5. Update the entry Organization: as well as any other necessary updates > click the Close button.

    The part that affects the Email, however is in the Username.ini under the [Internet] section

    6. Log the affected user out of GoldMine.
    7. Open the user.ini file in the GoldMine share on the GoldMine application server.

    8. Find the [Internet] section of the user.ini and look for an entry called Organization.
    9. Remove the Organization entry.
    10. Save the user.ini file.
    11. Login to GoldMine as the affected user and send an Email.
    12. Verify the Organization: entry in the Email header is correct.