Service Request Offerings: Embed Attachments in the Request Form?

Version 1


    Is it possible to embed a file (e.g. a spreadsheet) in a Service Request form?

    The scenario is that for a particular type of request we will ask for individual details but if the request is for a large number of users it may be more practical to allow the requester to download a predefined spreadsheet to be completed and uploaded to the form.




    You can upload a file (it just has to get them into the attachments object, you could even create a dummy object to hold image) and get the RecID from the attachments table, from there, you can build a 'link' to download the file, from the application.

    Should work anywhere you can put a valid <a> link. The main expression wasn't acting correctly, but the help links were.

    I just made a search that has the recid in it so it is added to the grid.

    <a href="/handlers/DownloadAttachmentHandler.ashx?objectid={replace with RecId}">Download File</a>