How do I set the values for the Resolve button in the Object Matching panel for Self Service Form Offerings?

Version 1


    When I click the Resolve button in the Knowledge panel on the right in the Form Offering, it assigns specific values to my ticket. For example, it sets the Service to "Service Desk." How do I change the values it sets?


    - Log in as an Admin role

    - Go to Configure Application
    - Go to Business Objects > Incident
    - Click the Layouts tab
    - Click the Incident Layout you are using for the Form Offering (Out of the Box, this is Incident Layout 0)
    - In the "View in this layout:" box, click formEdit
    - Under the Toolbar box, click Edit Matching Settings

    - In the pop-up window that appears, click Edit Preview for the Object Matching panel you want to edit. 

    - Click Edit Preview again for the Object Name you're editing. (In the case of Knowledge, there may be several Object Names in the list.

    - Buttons present on the Object Matching panel will be listed just above Add New Button
      Click edit next to the button you want to edit. 

    - Add, edit, or delete assigned field values as your business need dictates. 

    - Click Save on each pop-up, then save the business object as well.