Incident breached when back from "With Customer"

Version 2


    My Incident is breaching as soon as I take it back from "With Customer" even though the Escalation was stopped when being "with customer". What is wrong?




    The Escalation is set to Activate in the OPEN status, meaning that it's set to start a NEW Escalation when ever the Incident hits the OPEN status. When an Escalation is starting new it will look at the Incident Creation date and set the breach time accordingly, ignoring the fact that the Incident has been "With Customer"



    The way to solve this:

    Since you are using the same Escalation as before you moved the Incident over to "With Customer" you can solve this very easily by ticking the

    "If the Activation Status is reached more than ones, re-use Escalations" in the Escalation Window.


    This will force the Response Level to use the current Escalation. The current Escalation will then also be aware that the incident has been "With Customer" and recalculate the breach time accordingly.