In Incident workspace menu bar, how to hide New Incident > Templates dropdown button yet still maintain 'Apply Templates'

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    This article provides steps to hide the New Incident > Templates dropdown button. For instance, either on the list or form view of the Incident workspace on the menu bar there is a button for New Incident and when selected a dropdown shows for 'Templates'. In some cases, you may want to hide this feature yet allow the creation of New Record (or New Incident) without the Templates dropdown. Once the record is created, there exists another button 'Apply Templates'. This article addresses how to set up this configuration. 



    In the Incident business object you can remove the "New Incident > Template" button/dropdown and yet retain the "Apply Template" feature (after the record has been created). To do this follow the steps below -


    1. In Configure Application > Business Objects > Incident > Layouts, select the affected layout


    2. In the "Views in this layout" section, you can select either 'gridview' or 'formview'. 


    3. Select the 'gridview' (the following steps can repeated for the 'formview')


    4. In the 'Toolbar' section (see below screenshot), select the Edit button



    5. You can remove the 'New Record Menu' button (by dragging it to the trash can icon) and add the 'New Record' button, then save.



    6. Save the layout


    What this accomplishes is to ONLY create a new Incident record(s) but not select the templates in the dropdown. Then when you create the Incident record you can apply the template.