Unable to Drag and Drop to the Links tab in Windows 10 \ Server 2016

Version 1


    You can no longer drag and drop files directly in the Links tab from an explorer window

    - Log into GoldMine as a Master or Non-Master user
    - Open the Links tab
    - Drag a file from a windows explorer window to the links tab


    - A window to appear like the one below to attach the file to the links tab

    - The cursor just shows a black no entry sign



    This is logged as RM#252173


    1. Collapse the Links preview Pane
    - Drag the File over the Preview Slider or to the far left (border between the recently viewed area and the Links Tab)

    - The file with then link

    2. Manually link the attachments
    - Right Click in the Links tab
    - New
    - Add a Document Name
    - Browse to the File by clicking the Search button ( Grey Square with 3 dots [...] ) in the Attachment name field
    - Click OK to save the attachment.