PickList values do not show up in the order they were entered

Version 1



    I created sub-categories in certain order and hope they show up that way.

    But the system automatically sorts the list in ascending order .  Is there anyway we can maintain the order we want? 

    The sequence we entered                                            HEAT automatically sort them in ascending order                                            

    Paper Jam                                                                   Electronic Scanning Issues

    Need Toner                                                                 Facsimile Line (Telecom)

    Need Tonner Waste Emptied                                     Need Staples

    Need Staples                                                              Need Toner

    Other Mechanical Issues                                            Need Toner Waste Emptied

    Physical Imaging Issues                                            Other Mechanical Issues

    Electronic Scanning Issues                                        Other Network Issues

    Other Networking Issues                                           Paper Jam

    Facsimile Line (Telecom)                                          Physical Imaging Issue





    This is possible by adding a SortOrder field to the BO, populate it with a value for each record in the order you want displayed and then using the SortOrder field as the "Sort by Field" value in the PickList configuration.

    For example, reference the AccountStatus Picklist in OOTB demo database.