Root Element is Missing Error on clicking Next on Page 1 of the SCW

Version 1



    Trying to run the configuration wizard on a test / development server and I keep getting this error.  

    Root Element is Missing.



    In one case the OS drive had filled up and HEAT files got corrupted.

    Uninstalling HEAT, wiping the Program files folder for Heat Software and reinstalling resolved this issue.

    **Please note the method below is not recommended and if it fails the aforementioned uninstall/folder wipe/reinstall will then be required**
    In another case the file located at C:\Program Files\HEAT Software\HEAT\CentralConfig\Web.config had been overwritten with a blank (0 kb) file.  The partner was able to copy this file from another server in the environment into the server that had the issue, being careful to modify the file for any server or tenant specific settings such as the License service location near the bottom of the file.  After this was done the partner could successfully run through all the pages in the SCW to ensure the system configuration is intact.