How to configure Serial Task Handling during Change Creation[Uploaded File]

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    How to configure Serial Task Handling during Change Creation



    It should be possible to create a pre-configured task structure as Change Manager:

    ·         Tasks should be added as parallel and/or serial tasks

    ·         Tasks should be activated only if all proceeding tasks are completed


    Each task gets a field TaskLevel assigned. This field is determining, if the task record is visible for further activities or not. All tasks are being created with the Status=Draft and are visible in a tab called “Task Plan”. A workflow in the background is making only such tasks visible in the regular tab “Task” where the task level is matching the current task level of the Change record.


    ·         Task (Group object)

    o   Add new field Task.TaskLevel (Number, 8 digits, 0 precision)

    o   Add a new value for the Task.Status field: Draft

    ·         Task.Assignment

    o   Add new Required Rule: TaskLevel is required

    o   Add a new Initialization Rule: Status = Draft

    o   Add field “TaskLevel” to the form

    o   Add new Quick Action “Set Status Logged and link to parent”

    o   Add new Quick Action “Set Status Logged for all Tasks from CurrentTaskLevel”

    ·         Change:

    o   Add new field Change.CurrentTaskLevel (Number, 8 digits, 0 precision)

    o   Add this field to the Change form (only for debugging purposes, can be removed later)

    o   Add new Initialization Rule: CurrentTaskLevel = 0

    o   Add a new relationship “ChangeAssocSeqTasks”

    o   Add a new tab “Task Plan” to the Change Layout using this relationship

    o   Add new Quick Action “Start Task Workflow”

    o   Add new workflow “Manage Task Levels”:

    o   Add a new button “Start Task Workflow” to the Change form

    o   Add a new template to create a new Change with some pre-configured tasks:

    o   When you now create a new Change with the template, you get all predefined tasks displayed under the tab “Task Plan”

    o   The Change Manager can there now create additional tasks with assigning the task level for each task until all tasks are setup

    o   To start the configured tasks workflow the Change Manager will press the button “Start Task Workflow”

    o   This Quick Actio sets the field CurrentTaskLevel to 1 and the configured workflow on the Change objects starts t run.


    5.5.2017 – Christian Bloch, Ivanti



    See attached Word document with all needed steps.