When starting GoldMine it is freezing, there is no obvious reason

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    When starting GoldMine it is freezing, there is no obvious reason





    In many cases this is caused by an 'incorrect' / 'corrupt' user preferences - either in the USER.INI file or in the ENVIRONMENT table


    To find this out if this is caused by the USER.INI


    Test the USER.INI for example JOHN.INI


    1. Make sure that the user is logged out of GoldMine 

    2. Browse to the GoldMine share folder

    3. Rename the USER.INI for example JOHN.INI to JOHN.BAK

    4. Start GoldMine again and verify 

    Test the Environment entries for the user:


    Make sure to have a full running backup of the database


    - Open the the SQL Server Management Studio
    1. Browse to the GoldMine database
    2. Button New Query
    3. Make sure that the database drop down is set to the GoldMine database, if not already set
    4. Copy and paste and adjust the following queries into the query pane

    update Environment set USERID  = 'JOHN123' where USERID = 'JOHN' (replace with specific GoldMine Username and make sure that you keep the 8 character limit for the UPDATE)

    5. Execute the query
    6. Verify the result in GoldMine for the specific user 

    - In both cases it is highly recommended to identify the specific entry as other non-affected might be valuable and necessary for the user. For example the USER.INI can then be section wise investigated or the ENVIRONMENT entries manually changed back by a GoldMine / SQL administrator or bulkwise renamed back.

    - GoldMine Technical Support may be able also to identify or advise which entries may have been impacted when having sufficient data and information.