Patch for 7.2.6 - Embedded Images and Placeholder problems

Version 2


    The attached patches fix the following problems in version 7.2.6.  These problems will also be addressed in future versions.


    3827 - If embed image (e.g. screen shot) in inbound mail, incident is not logged

    2529 - Multiple incidents raised if curly brackets used in the email subject line of an email processed by Inbound Mail

    3800 - Background Service throws errors with Outlook 2007 HTML Dynamic formatting

    3843 - Background Processing Service stops when encountering curly brackets that aren't placeholders


    Please download and save the attached documentation (both files) and both patches. Please follow the instructions in the documents, to fix all 4 problems listed above you must follow the instructions in both documents.  If you have any problems deploying the patches or have any questions regarding them please contact your Support provider.