HEAT Performance suggestions for low bandwidth connections

Version 1



    When using the HEAT Application over low bandwidth connections the rendering of forms, etc. can take a long time.

    This Knowledge Article has a couple of suggestions for improving the performance.




    1) Enable compression for the JSON downloads.  

    To do this involves making a change to the IIS configuration on the servers.

    The following web site has the information on how to do this:
    See the Answer on the steps to implement the compression.

    The following 2 entries need to be added to enable the compression for the JSON data:

    application/json; charset=utf-8

    This is a screenshot from a system after adding the entries:

    2) Remove the Flex Controls from the Incident Details tab.

    The 3 Flex Controls on the Details tab (Assets : Link & Unlink, Attachments, and Comments) cause a large download of JSON data.  If they are required for users over low bandwidth connections it is recommended to create a Role that has a layout for Incident with the controls on a separate tab.  The JSON will only be downloaded when the tab is selected.