How to use the SelectorFormat

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    The Dynamic Style Definition editor is an interface to author cascading style sheet (CSS). CSS is made up of selectors, properties and values. The following article give more information on the parts that make up a CSS rule.

    The SelectorFormat in the HEAT SM  Dynamic Style Definition editor allows you to apply the style definition to something other than the entire cell. It gives you the ability to control what selector is used. For example if you specify SelectorFormat to be a:hover the definitions created will only be applied to link items (a tag) when they are hovered.


    If you have a highlighter style defined as

    The CSS below will be output
    .redlabel{color:#E0201B !important; }

    If you drag over SelectorFormat and add .{0} a:hover to it's value as per the screen shot below then the selector in the CSS is updated. Please note that you need to include {0}. This is replaced by the name you have defined. You also need to include the . (period) before this as this is what is need to make the selector valid for class names.

    Updated CSS output
    .redlabel a:hover{color:#E0201B !important; }