How to enable the HTML toolbar when I add notes to Pending or History items?

Version 1


    When you click in the notes section of an activity you do not see the HTML toolbar and just get the menu options with Cut, Copy, paste and spell check.


    To enable the HTML toolbar in the notes section of an activity and the Notes tab.

    - Log into GoldMine as a MASTER user
    - Tools > Configure > System Settings
    - Display Tab
    - Under Notes Format, select the option HTML

    - Now you will have the HTML toolbar when adding an Activity note or a new Contact record Note.

    This setting is found in the GM.ini and can be manually set via the following process.

    - Open the GM.ini with notepad, located in the GoldMine root\system directory
    - Under the [GoldMine] section
    - Add the line HTML_CAL_NOTES=0/1

    0 = HTML toolbar off
    1 = HTML toolbar on

    - Save the GM.ini file
    - Close GoldMine and then reopen for this change to take affect.

    Additional information:
    this setting also impacts the Notes on the Notes tab