How to create further Phone fields as user defined fields which will respect the contact record's set US-phone formatting?

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    How to create further Phone fields as user defined fields which will respect the contact record's set phone formatting?

    Per default GoldMine contains 3 Phone fields + 1 Fax field for a primary contact record. These fields are stored in the CONTACT1 table of GoldMine but often further phone fields are desired. Such further phone fields can only be set up as user defined fields, but user defined fields will not by default respect the contact record's set phone formatting which is set via
    1. Edit > Record Properties > Record-related settings...
    2. Phone Formatting Tab 

    While for International Format no specific format is required the USA Phone format helps format US phone numbers into the official used format, for example (719)555-1234

    Is there any possibility to set-up further Phone fields which do respect the set phone formatting?


    It is recommended that these steps are performed before or after business hours as a rebuild of the CONTACT2 table is required which requires exclusive rights within the GoldMine System.

    1. Make sure that all users are logged out of GoldMine and all services related to GoldMine are shut down (For Example GoldSync)

    2. Make sure that all users are logged off or have closed all applications with an integration into GoldMine (For Example. GoldMine Mobile, Outlook, Word etc)

    3. Make sure to have a full running backup of your GoldMine database

    4. Log in to GoldMine with Master rights
    5. Right Click > New Field

    6. New Field
    7. Make sure 
    a. the Field Name starts with UPHONExxxx, whereby x can be any allowed value (numeric or alphabetical)
    b. Field Type is Character
    c. The other details should be set as desired

    8. Click OK
    9. Place the field as desired on the view (Primary view or on any Custom view)
    10. Make sure to rebuild the database
    11. After you log out and then back into GoldMine the field will be available and respect the set Phone formatting of the contact record

    Please keep in mind that it might be necessary that these new user defined fields must be configured in any phone integration applications, refer also to GoldMine User Guide > Contact Communication > Making and Answering Calls with SoftPhone for an example for an integration.