Outlook Link is missing from the GoldMine installer.  How do I install the Outlook Link using GMPE 2017.1 (or later)

Version 1


    The GoldMine installation manual for GMPE 2017.1 has an error in the steps used for installing the Plug-ins for Outlook.   Thus during the installation it will appear that you can not actually install the Outlook integration.     



    1) Rerun the installer, and move forward through the wizard, when you see the "Custom Setup" dialog box, make your Microsoft Office Selections. 

    NOTE: If you have actually installed GMPE, when you rerun the installer select the option to "Modify" the installation to see the screens below.


    2) Click next, and you will see the screen to choose the Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.


    3) Select the Plug-in that is right for you, and click next to complete the installation.