No results returned when using Universal Search at a workstation logged in as a specific user.

Version 1


    - You notice that one specific user is not seeing any results from the universal search
    - This happens regardless of the workstation the user is logged in at.

    - Other users have results returned when using Universal Search.




    - A filter has been activated on one of the column headers in the Universal Search Center. 
    -This is indicated by the blue drop-down arrow on the column header as opposed to the black drop-down arrow.

    1. Click the blue drop-down arrow and click '(all)' to clear the filter as shown below:

    2. When the drop-down arrow is black there is no filter applied and results are displayed:

    Another way to identify that there is a filter set is also at the bottom of the search window, where the current set criteria is displayed and the set filter can be also removed by simply clicking on the X left on the filter condition