How can we change escalation schedules and the corresponding emails in ITSM 5x and 6x?

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    We would like to modify the escalation schedules and corresponding emails.

    How can this be done?




    How to setup/modify Escalation Schedules:

    Services have Associated Service level Agreement where escalations are set.
    To modify the schedule 
    1. Login to the application in the SLM role
    2. In the SLM workspace select the service that you want to verify or change
        Go to the SLA tab
        This may have 1 or more SLAs associated based on the Department
    3. Select the SLA that you need to verify or change
        Note the default values for Escalations are set in the Service (max response and Max Resolution Times) These are propogated to the SLA.
        These default values are used for all the SLAs that are defined for the service 
        If you open the associated SLA you can set an Offset to modify this value for the particular SLA.

    How Escalation emails are sent:

    Time related functions such as Escalations are managed by the Business Process Engine (BPE)
    The business process engine is an executable that is run via the Frontrange(HEAT) Business Process Service.
    The Business Process Engine utilizes Business Process Markup Language (BPML) and is designed and configured int eh Business Process Designer Application 
    Opening the Business Process Designer you load the BP Package that is specified for your implementation.
    Within the package in the "New Incident" Section there are a Set of Subroutines ... "DoLevelXEscalation" where "X" is the referred escalation.
    In the Demo BP Package notifications are sent for Level 3 and Breach
    In the Demo BP Package the message subject and body are loaded and then a call is made to a subroutine called "SendNotificationToEachOpenIncidentAssignment" 
    If the BP Package has been modified ... it may alternatively use a call to a QuickAction that is defined in the Product >> Quick Acitons.

    Modification of the BP Package is not within the Boundaries of Support
    We do provide a BP_Guide and BP_Tutorial for information ... these can be found in your server installation in the document subdirectory:
    Typically located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\Documentation
    For complex changes to the BP package we recommend an engagement with Professional Services or a qualified partner.