How to allow a user to view Incidents based on TaskAssignment.OwnerTeam

Version 1



    There are some users in a team that have to complete tasks created in an incident. We want that these users can just see the incidents where there is at least one task created for one of the users' teams.

    Unfortunately the relationship between Incident and Task is [0:1 to N], so it is not possible to filter the incidents using a permissions configuration, therefore this article describes a different approach for achieving this requirement.


    Please review these steps:

    1.- Copy the layout you are currently using, for being used for the specific role where you want to limit the access. It is NOT necessary to copy the grids and forms, as the only difference will be in the layout definition:

    2.- Name and apply that layout for the desired role

    3.- In the new layout remove all the options for the Simple and Saved Search:

    4.- Using an Administrator, create the following Saved Search, that will be the default one for the restricted role:

    5.- Finally, check the behavior. The user in that role cannot search using any incident number and he will be able to see just the results for the Saved Search by default: