Newly created Request Offerings not showing up in Escalation Schedules

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    A new Request Offering was created, and linked to an existing Service and Service Level Package.

    However, it is not showing up in the Escalations Schedules in the Admin UI, even under Set Exceptions.

    Did I miss something or should it be there and available?



    Generally, the reason changes made under the Service Owner role (such as adding new Request Offerings or changing Service Level Targets) do not update the Escalation Schedules in the Admin UI, is that the applicable SLA Subscription needs to be deleted and recreated. 

    To do so, log into the Service Owner role and select the SLA Subscription workspace
    On the left, highlight the appropriate Service
    Determine which Service Level Agreement should contain the new values, and delete it
    Click Create Agreement
    Recreate the SLA Subscription and Save
    Switch to the Admin role, and select Configure Application
    Select Automation Tools - Escalation Schedules
    Select Service Request - Delivery
    The updates should now be visible