How to manually create additional approvers in a Change

Version 1



    In the Change module, approvals are created as part of the workflow and shows up in the "Approval Vote Tracking" tab.

    After the workflow is started, is there a way to manually add new approvals? For example, someone is away due to sickness and someone else needs to approve on the person behalf and at the same time an additional approver need to be created.




    Log into the Admin role
    Select Configure Application
    Select Business Objects
    Select Change
    Select Layouts
    Select the Layout for the role you want to have rights to add an ad-hoc approver
    Select FormView
    Edit the toolbar for the Approval child tab
    Drag Add Approver to the toolbar
    Save the toolbar
    Save the layout

    Return to the client side and open a Change record. Go to the Approval child tab and you should now see an Add Approver button. Highlight the appropriate Approval record if there is more than one, and press the button. It will prompt you to select a new approver. This approver will now be visible in the list of approvers on the Approval record if you open or 'Go To' it.