Universal Search in GoldMine Premium Edition does not respect the "item types" in advanced options.

Version 1



    Universal Search in GoldMine Premium Edition may not in all cases respect the "item types" in the Advanced Options.

    Steps to reproduce behavior:

    1. Have multiple detail records for multiple contact records in GoldMine Premium Edition.
    2. Click on Go To > Universal Search
    3. Click on the Advanced check box to advanced options.
    4. Uncheck the item selection of 'All'
    5. Check the item selection 'Details' Only
    6. Provide a search term that will match detail records and a different record which is not a detail type.
    7. Click Go to execute the search.

    Expectation is that the search results should be limited to the 'Details' type, but this may not happen - many types may be returned. 



    To only display a specific type of result, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the desired search in GoldMine Universal Search.
    2. In the 'Found In' column, click the arrow to the right-hand side.
    3. Select the desired item type from the list. 

    Results: The Search results are now limited to this item type.