Field in request offering form is not showing the right value in notifications defined in the plan request fullfilment

Version 1


    The “employee name” field was setup in a service request form. It is showing the right value when a service request is submitted but it is not right when it is used in notifications defined in in the plan request fulfillment. In the email that goes out, it is showing an employee ID instead of the employee's name.


    The actual value stored in that field is the loginID of the Employee selected; this is because the pick list that validates it has LoginID as the Value field. 

    What you can do is add Display Name as an Additional field on the Employee Name field, and then add a hidden field that pulls the Display Name from the linked Employee record. They can then use this in notifications and it will print the name. They could also change pick lists to one with Display Name as the value, but this can cause issues differentiating users with the same name.