Default values in Knowledge Feedback form causing invalid ratings and skewing metrics

Version 1



    The Knowledge Article Feedback form/rating system has a flaw that is skewing ratings, and therefore metrics.

    There are 3 fields in the article feedback form: Rating (1-5),  a "Was this article helpful?" (Yes or No) question, and a Comments field.

    The Rating field is set to "1 star" by default, and the "Was this article helpful?" field is set to No by default, and neither is a required field.

    These two fields should be set to "null". Otherwise, because these are not required fields, if the user does not change the values before submitting the feedback (say, for example, they add comments but do not rate the article), the feedback is submitted with a rating of 1 and/or a "No" answer to the Helpful? question. 

    If we receive a rating of 1 or a "No" answer, there is no way to tell whether the user actually made those selections or just left the default values.




    You can update this configuration directly using the following steps;

    Log into the Admin role
    Select Configure Application
    Select Business Objects
    Search for KMFeedback.ArticleFeedback
    Select Business Rules
    Expand the Initialization rules
    Disable the Initialization rules for UserRating and IsArticleUseful

    This will default those fields to NULL.

    Please note that once the user makes any selection in those fields, they won't be able to put it back to NULL, they'll have to choose a defined value.