Error when doing a "Copy and Replace" push

Version 1


    When we try to do a "Copy and Replace" push, for example from Production to Staging, and the database servers, we can get the following error:

    "Failed to execute due to Unable to copy backup file to destination database server"



    When the database servers for Production and Staging are different, the database backup from the source must be copied from the source database server to the destination database server using a UNC path. Therefore, you need to be able to access a shared folder in the destination server from the source server, and there are two options:

    NetBIOS uses 4 ports:
    - 137 UDP NETBIOS Name Service
    - 137 TCP NETBIOS Name Service
    - 138 TCP NETBIOS Datagram Service
    - 139 TCP NETBIOS Session Service

    Direct hosted "NetBIOS-less" SMB traffic uses 2 ports
    - 445 UDP
    - 445 TCP

    If you cannot open that ports, you can do the "Copy and Replace" manually:

    1.- Create a backup for the source database
    2.- Copy it to the destination database server in the way you are allowed
    3.- Restore the backup with the name of the destination database
    4.- In the Operations Console, go to the System Status tab and click on FIX where required