How to send an Email notification from a Service Request with the values from the custom form

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    This article describes a way to send an email notification from a Service Request that contains the values from the user defined forms  (Parameters).   This method is Request Offering specific...   meaning it will only provide the values for a specific Request Offering (the send email quick action set up for the Laptop Computer Loaner request offering will not work with the Desktop Computer Loaner Request offering).   Each request offering would require its own email notification to be set up.   




    Set up your Send Email quick action and simply add a section with the Parameter Name and the GetSRPValue(RecId,"Parameter Name") to display the parameter value.   Requester is set up in the Send Email example below, but you can add all Parameter field if desired.   Just go to the Request Offering and get the value using the Properties: Unique ID in the GetSRPValue function.