How to configure an Image Uploader and Viewer

Version 1


    You may want to allow users to upload and view an image on a form within any business object. 



    1. Go to Configure Application. 
    2. Go to to the Incident Business Object
    3. Under Fields, click Add New
    4. Select the Binary Field
    5. Name it and select unlimited for the length.
    6. Now go to a form in Incident
    7. From the Folder Incident, find and bring over the Binary field just created. 
    8. Under Control Properties for that field - select the drop-down menu for Control Type and choose Image Uploader/Viewer

    9.   Save the form. 
    10. Now go to your Incident workspace and create a new Incident. 
    11. You will see the field to upload your image- you can browse your computer to upload the image. This will display on your form.