IPCM Portal - Entering and Editing Data

Version 1


    IPCM Portal - Entering and Editing Data



    When you enter or edit data on the Management Portal, IPCM does not always apply those changes immediately (in some fields the text turns red indicating the changes are not yet applied). Use the following buttons to have your changes take effect:

    • Update - Applies changes to the current screen, enabling you to go to another Management Portal screen without losing your changes. If the text is red, it changes to black when you click Update.
    • Commit Changes - Saves applied changes and immediately enacts those changes in IPCM. The Commit Changes button appears after you click an Update button. Once you click the Commit Changes button, you can close the Management Portal without losing your changes as long as you first clicked the Update button associated with the fields or forms you changed. If you edit multiple forms or multiple pages, you must click the Update buttons associated with each edited form (or sometimes a specific section on a page) before you click the Commit Changes button. However, on the SIP Soft Switch configuration pages, the Commit Changes button will not appear; all SIP Soft Switch configuration changes are auto-committed. 

    CAUTION: You cannot restore previous settings once you click the Commit Changes button. If you have not clicked the Commit Changes button and you want to discard your changes, use the Discard Changes button to revert edited fields and forms to the previous values.