IPCM - Create a User Profile

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    IPCM - Create a User Profile



    Create a User Profile

    On the Users page, you will create the profile, specify login credentials, assign the extension, indicate is the user is an agent, and if so, assign the user to an agent group. Refer to Realm Specification (in the IPCM Help Files) for information about changing the Realm setting.

    To Create User Profiles:

    1 - On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration>Users.
    2 - Create a name for the user and type it in the empty field in the Login column.
      IMPORTANT: IPCM logins (usernames) are case-sensitive, and can consist of upper and lower-case letters (a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9), underscores (_), periods (.), and dashes (-). All other characters are prohibited. The maximum username length is 128 characters.
    3 - Click Set to assign a password. The Change Password dialog box opens. Type the new password in each field and click the Set button.
      IMPORTANT: IPCM passwords are case-sensitive, and can consist of any character with an ASCII code from 1-127, including upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The maximum length for passwords is 32 characters.
    4 - Enter the first name of the user in the empty field in the First Name column.
    5 - Enter the last name of the user in the empty field in the Last Name column.
    6 - Enter a dial plan extension in the Extension column. If you enter an extension which does not yet exist in the dial plan, the Management Portal will automatically add the extension to the dial plan. Be sure to configure the extension as described in Dial Plan Implementation (in the IPCM Help Files).
    7 - By default, the Searchable by name option is enabled; unchecking the check box on the General tab prevents the voice Attendant and Answering applications from finding the user by name.
    8 - If you have a Contact Center license:
      • Select the Agent check box if you want the user to be an agent.
      • If you select the Agent check box, also select a group in the Agent Group drop-down list.
    9 - Click the Add button. IPCM displays a confirmation dialog box.
    10 - Click OK. IPCM adds the user to the table.
    11 - Click the Update and Commit Changes buttons to enact your changes. Proceed to Configure the User Profile (in the IPCM Help Files).