(GMWEB) What database is GoldMine Web connected to? How do I know?

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    What database is GoldMine Web connected to? How do I know?


    GoldMine Connect respects the GoldDir and CommonDir entries from the main GM.INI on the server as GMPE would. If these entries are changed/updated and you log out and log back into GMPE or GoldMine Web, you will now be logged into the database referenced in the GM.INI

    Also see RM# 15650 for the following

    1. log in to GoldMine Web 
    2. Right Click on any of the GoldMine Web pages 
    a. In Google Chrome:  View Page Source
    b. In Mozilla Firefox: View Page Source
    c. In Internet Explorer: View Source
    d. In Safari: View Source
    3. When the web page's code is displayed the user can find at the beginning (usually 6th line) of the <head> definition the following entry 

    <!-- GoldMine Files: GMPEUSBlank: -->
    <!-- Contact Files: GMPEUSBlank: -->

    - While it would be sufficient only to open the GoldMine Web, web site in order to see the GoldMine Connect Version, it is necessary to log into GoldMine Web for getting the information about the GoldMine Base and Contact Set database aliases currently in use otherwise only the version will be displayed