[GMWEB]  Unable to edit Rule-Based selection fields when an F2 Lookup consists of dBASE expressions, and blank not allowed, and forced valid input

Version 1


    GoldMine Web does not support dBASE expressions.  So, when you have a Rule-Based selection field with an F2 Lookup consisting of dBASE expressions, combined with blank input not allowed, combined with Force valid input, the OK button in the Rule-Based selection edit screen is turned off. 

    None of the fields can be edited.

    1.  Login to GoldMine Premium as MASTER
    2.  Bring up a contact record, go into the Fields tab, right-click anywhere in the record, and select New Field
    3.  In the Place Field window, click New Field
    4.  Give the field a name and a description
    5.  Leave Field Type Character, and Len: 10
    6.  Drag the new field into the Fields tab, and double-click it
    7.  Click OK
    8.  Click Yes
    9.  Log back into GoldMine as MASTER
    10.  Same contact record from before GoldMine shut down should be displayed
    11.  Click just to right of new field, then click the right arrow
    12.  Click New
    13.  Enter "~date()"   (without the quotes)
    14.  Click OK
    15.  Click New
    16.  Enter "~date() + 30"   (without the quotes)
    17.  Click OK
    18.  Click New
    19.  Enter "~date() + 45"   (without the quotes)
    20.  Click OK
    21.  Click Setup
    22.  Enter Field Name
    23.  Uncheck Allow blank input
    24.  Check Force valid input
    25.  Click OK
    26.  Highlight ~date(), and click Select
    27.  Click anywhere outside the new field
    28.  On the GoldMine Web server, open a CMD prompt as administrator, enter IISRESET, and hit enter
    29.  Login to GoldMine Web
    30.  Open the same contact you just updated in GoldMine Premium
    31.  Open the Rule-Based selection edit screen, and edit one or some of the fields
    32.  Try to click OK.  The button will not activate.



    GoldMine Web does not support dBASE expressions at this time and therefore is not able to handle this exceptional situation.

    - It is recommended to add a specific value in the F2 lookup in such a case which serves as a 'placeholder' for entries/changes made within GMWEB and will allow to save the updates within GMWEB
    - A certain user can then in regular intervals for example via a filter (where the user defined field = placeholder value), follow-up  and verify and adjust the records