How to gather a structural database from the existing GoldMine database without any contact related data?

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    How to gather a structural database from the existing GoldMine database without any contact related data?

    - Sometimes it is necessary for your partner or GoldMine Technical Support or even for a simple test environment to have the identical structure of the current used database (for example with user defined fields and screens)


    - The following steps describe a scenario where the  structural database is created and then provided as a database backup  file to another location, including the removal of the structural  database from the current GoldMine again.


    1. Log into GoldMine Premium Edition with master rights

    2. Tools > Database > New Database

    3. Check Create or copy data for contact set tables and create or copy for base GoldMine tables

    4. Click 'Alias Manager' Button

    4.a. 'New Alias' Button

    4.b. Give the Alias a Name (for example BLANKGMDB)

    4.c. Server Type (MSSQL)

    4.d. Host (MS SQL Server usually MS SQL host name or MS SQL instance name for example: hostname\SQLEXPRESS)

    4.e. Database BLANKGMDB

    4.f.  Owner (this defaults to dbo and should not be changed)

    4.g. Login (for example: sa)

    4.h. Password

    4.i. Click 'Create New Database' and afterwards click 'Test Connection'

    4.j. OK > OK

    5.a  Select the alias BLANKGMDB from the drop down box - Please select the  database alias for the new contact set tables and Please select the  database alias for the base GoldMine tables

    5.b Type a name for the new Database (for example: GM Blank Database)

    6. Create blank tables (no data, except a few system records)

    7. Provide a contact set code for example BGMDB

    8. Finish
    9.  At the end of the process a message appears Your data has been  successfully hosted onto the MSSQL database. Would you like to use the  new MSSQL database as the default GoldMine database? Click NO

    10. A further message appears Would you like to open the new MSSQL contact databases? Click NO

    11. Tools > Databases > Open Database

    12. Highlight the new created Contact set database = BLANKGMDB

    13. Delete > Yes

    14. Close

    15. Tools > Databases > Alias Manager

    16. Highlight BLANKGMDB alias > Delete Alias

    17. OK

    18. Open SQL Server Management Studio and create a database backup of the BLANKGMDB database

    - This generated BAK file can be compressed and/or provided with the information about the used Microsoft SQL Server version

    Please be informed  that when GoldMine Technical Support is requesting such a structural  database form you, the database backup will not contain any identifiable  contact record data and therefore does not require any signed Data Transfer  Authorization Form (DTA) from a GoldMine Technical Support's perspective.