Cannot re-add Social Board

Version 1



    When we initially began deployment we removed the Social Board from various Roles. 

    However, since then we have decided to deploy it to a limited number of roles.  When we attempted to replace it, we cannot locate the "Social Board" page layout.   



    1.  Login as Admin role and launch Configure Application.
    2.  Go to Users and Permissions>>  Roles and Permissions.
    3.  Select the ServiceDeskAnalyst role (or whatever role is missing SocialBoard).
    4.  Click on Top Level Tabs.
    5.  Select Add New Tab and scroll down to the SocialBoard and select it.

    6.  Name this tab SocialBoard as follows and click Add This Tab.

    7.  Save.
    8.  Go back to the application as a member of ServiceDeskAnalyst and the SocialBoard should be back available.  You can change its initial location by moving it in the Top Level Tabs in AdminUI.