Limit contacts seen by GoldMine users in GoldMine Web

Version 1



    The goal is to get remote GoldMine users off the remote machines, and only use GoldMine web.
    Filters are currently being used for syncing to limit the contacts sent to each remote based on region.
    Use same filters to limit what each user sees in GoldMine Web.
    The home office sales staff must have access to all the contacts.






    1.  In order for this to work, all your remote users must NOT be master users in the local GoldMine database they will be logging into via GMWeb.  They can still be master users on their remote machines, just not on your local GoldMine, although this is not recommended as they may be able to change ownership then in an undesired way for their available contact records.

    2.  Create a User group for your office sales staff

      a.  As a Master user, Tools>>User Groups

      b.  Click New

      c.  Give the group a name, i.e. Office or Sales, etc.

      d.  Click OK

      e.  Click Members Setup

      f.  Double-click each user in your office sales staff.  They will move over from the left-hand Users List into the right-hand Group Members list.

      g.  Click OK

      h.  Click Close

    3.  Assign your office sales staff ownership of every contact

      a.  As a Master user, Go To>>Lead Management

      b.  Click Assign an owner/manager

      c.  In the top pull-down make sure ALL Contact Records! is selected


      d.  Pull-down on Assign the owner value of:, and select the office sales staff group created in step 2

      e.  Under Record Curtaining, select Complete

      f.  Click OK

    4.  Repeat step 2 and create a User group for your Canada region.  Assign the remote user(s) currently receiving the Canada contacts, AND assign the office sales staff group you initially created.

    5.  Repeat step 3 and assign your Canada group to your Canada contacts.

      a.  In step 3c, pull-down on ALL Contact Records!, and select the filter you have for sending Canada contacts to your remote Canada user(s).

      b.  In step 3d, pull-down on Assign the owner value of:, and select the Canada user group you just created.

      c.  Under Record Curtaining, select Complete.

      d.  Click OK

    6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each of your other regions; Central, Eastern, Gulf Coast, Western.

    7.  On your web server, open a CMD prompt as administrator, enter IISRESET, and hit enter.