What to whitelist when implementing Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for outgoing email

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    You are implementing SPF (Sender Policy Framework) on your email server(s).
    You need to know what servers/IPs are used by HEAT Cloud for sending outbound email so you can include them in the SPF record and what envelope sender and header sender addresses are used.




    You can check the outgoing SMTP server details on the Email Config workspace.

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role 
    - Go to the Email Config workspace
    - Under Outgoing Server, check the SMTP host field

    This server/IP needs to be included in the SPF configuration. 

    The header sender (From:) and envelope sender (Return-Path:) addresses are set to the same value in each email. This is the value you set in the FromAddr field when sending email, either directly from the Journal.Email form, Quick Action, Business Rule, Workflow, ... 


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