Where can we change the rights to select a language for a user or a role

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    Customer would like to know if they can assign the rights to select a language by individual user or role.


    Languages are enabled in AdminUI > Configure > Organization Profile > Languages.

    This is a system wide setting.
    Language cannot be added for specific role, they are added for all roles, but the language can be changed individually, or set by default for a specific user, using the method described below:

    1. From the Configuration Console, click Configure > Users and Permissions > Users. The system displays the user's workspace.
    2. Open the new user record.
    3. Click the Details tab.
    4. In the Language field in the Organizational Information section, select a language from the drop-down list.
    5. Click Save.
    See Https://support.heatsoftware.com/help/user/index.html#Configure/Localization/Setting%20Up%20Languages.htm for more information.