HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.2 Release Notes

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    HEAT PatchLink Desktop 2.2

    Release Notes

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of HEAT PatchLink DeskTop version 2.2, effective December 1, 2015.
    PatchLink DeskTop is the only enterprise-class 3rd-party patching plug-in designed exclusively for System Center environments that automates the download, import, publication and synchronization of patch updates to deliver greater patching efficiency and effectiveness. Updates are synchronized directly into the Software Library, streamlining the patching process using existing deployment workflows and Powershell automation—all without requiring additional management overhead. Using patent-pending Patch-Smart™ technology, PatchLink DeskTop lets System Center administrators easily patch the most prevalent and targeted 3rd-party applications on Windows desktops.
    PatchLink DeskTop is part of the HEAT for Microsoft System Center solution along with PatchLink DataCenter. These two offerings make HEAT the only enterprise-class Microsoft System Center solution that provides patch management from the data center to the desktop.
    •   HEAT recommends that all updates be tested before entering production environments.
    •   This release supersedes HEATsoftware Patch Manager DeskTop 2.1.

    What's New?

    Brand Refresh

    If you haven't already heard, HEATsoftware has merged with FrontRange to form a brand new company, HEAT Software! As a result, we've renamed HEATsoftware Patch Manager DeskTop to HEAT PatchLink DeskTop. After upgrading to version 2.2, you'll see some updated branding and a different color palette.

    Publish Software to More than 100 Categories

    HEAT Software has updated System Center to allow software publication to more than the 100 categories that Microsoft arbitrarily imposed, so you won't have to micromanage your publications as you have in the past.

    HEAT PatchLink DataCenter Compatibility

    PatchLink DeskTop can now be installed on the same server hosting HEAT PatchLink DataCenter version 8.3. You can now dedicate a single server to your third-party and Linux patching needs!

    Windows 10 Plug-in Support

    The PatchLink DeskTop 2.2 Plug-in can now be installed on Windows 10 machines (but you still must install the server on server-class operating systems).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Do I Download the Product?

    PatchLink DeskTop 2.2 is available for download from the Customer Portal (http://portal.HEATsoftware.com).

    What are the Requirements?

    The basic requirements for PatchLink DeskTop are:
    •   Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1
    •   Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 or higher

    How Do I Install the Product?

    Installation of PatchLink DeskTop is a process that requires careful planning and action. See the HEAT PatchLink DeskTop 2.2 Install Guide for full instructions (http://portal.HEATsoftware.com).

    How Do I Upgrade My 2.1 Installation?

    Upgrading is simple. Download the 2.2 installer from the Customer Portal (http://portal.HEATsoftware.com) and execute it over your existing Patch Manager DeskTop Server, as well as any standalone Plug-ins you have installed.

    How Do I Obtain 3rd-Party Content?

    PatchLink DeskTop should synchronize 3rd-party content automatically after installation, but you'll still need to publish the content once it's synchronized. Open the Manage Products dialog to publish content.
    If you have any problems synchronizing or publishing content, see KnowledgeBase Article 1716, LPM DeskTop Plug-In Connection Guide.

    Issues Resolved

         Fixed an issue that prevented the Settings page from displaying the correct number of licensed endpoints across all active licenses. The Settings page now displays a list of all active license types, the sum of all active licensed endpoints, and the expiration date for the active license that expires earliest.